We believe Beauty has no boundaries and is not defined by any one standard.

Our ZETTER&CO Skincare & Fragrances are handmade with the finest therapeutic essential oils, earthy materials, as well as safe and top of the line Fragrance oils.


Working in the Entertainment Industry infront of the camera, I've always made it a priority to take great care of my skin.  It all starts with Skincare, the better care I took of my skin, the more beautiful I would look and feel. I started realizing oils were the key to healthy skin, as well as more earthy materials. I began creating my dream formulas and combinations, handcrafted, free of parabens, and made in Los Angeles.

I created ZETTER&CO Skincare from the pure passion that drives me everyday. The passion and love for skincare and beauty, and the business sense to bring an affordable line to the industry that still embodies luxury and richness. All women deserve to feel gorgeous, and I hope in my products you embrace that beauty within!